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Do we all carry a wounded inner child within us?

The psychologist Carl Jung (1875-1961) is considered the first to have coined the term “inner child.” The child archetype is one among many defined by Jung and is a symbol of the developing personality of an individual. In popular and analytical psychology, this part of us is depicted as the individual’s childlike aspect of ourselves which resides […]

Curing Trauma—are we getting closer?

There is exciting research happening in the last decade on neuroscience and the workings of the human brain. We are discovering new ways of understanding how trauma resides within our memories and how it plays out in our everyday life, over and over again, as if the trauma experience is on a painful loop. Figuring […]

From Pain to Joy

In May 2013, I flew from Sydney to Scottsdale, Arizona to train in a Master Facilitator program, designed by Blair Singer. The purpose of me training to be a Master Facilitator was born out of my burning desire to help individuals in a group setting, work through mental and emotional pain in their life, wherever […]