What Life Is Like Without The Problem


I would absolutely seek Michelle Fuehrer to help me again as I was delighted with the results.

I had many unresolved issues with my father due to his abandonment of our family when I was five. I had seen other professionals including psychologists over the years but never felt a sense of resolution.

I had a deeply cathartic experience during one of my sessions listening to the recording Michelle had made for me.  It was a physical as well as emotional reaction. When my father died a short time later, I felt that I was in full control of my emotions and had resolved my feelings of abandonment which had burdened me for years.

Michelle has a lovely manner and makes you feel very secure and comforted in her presence. Her beautiful Irish accent also makes listening to the recording a pleasure.

I have already recommended Michelle Fuehrer to others for issues such as anxious children, ADHD coping mechanisms and weight loss. It is a very intense but gratifying experience, and she leads you through the transformation professionally, with a lot of follow up and follow through to help your reach your desired outcome.



Hypnotherapy with Michelle turned my hurt and pain towards family to indifference, which makes coping with my larger family dynamic a whole lot easier. It definitely worked on my subconscious to allow me to feel less pain and to focus on my own family and my life ambitions which I am now making great progress with.



I had a Hypnotherapy session with Michelle.  It was to work on my habit of always being late, never on time, which was having a serious impact on all parts of my life, even getting my son to school on time every day.  In one session, Michelle has addressed and got to the cause of my problem and why I am always late.  Not only has she helped me to understand and rewire my belief around this issue, but now I am more consciously aware and getting my time management back on track and under control.

It was very pleasant to work with Michelle as she is super caring and professional.  Also, very creative with her recording as well.  I would recommend you seek out Michelle for the help that you need.



My experience with Michelle has been so enlightening and definitely eye opening.  Michelle was able to help me delve deep into my subconscious to uncover some past incidents that triggered a sense of unworthiness.

My time with Michelle has created an awareness of my self-talk and where I once second guessed myself and then proceeded to talk myself out of most things, I now occasionally second guess my choices, but my self-confidence has skyrocketed.  So much so, that I am looked at by family and friends as a role model to be aspired to.  I am now proud of who I am and the way I am constantly changing, and I now know I deserve the good experiences and things coming to me in my life.



I wasn’t sure what to expect when I enrolled my son for a Hypnotherapy session with Michelle. It was a pleasantly enlightening experience.

My son is 10 years old and was finding it difficult to sleep in his own room with the lights off due to a fear of the dark and the fabricated potential scenario for monsters in the dark to come after him.

Michelle worked with him to get to the specifics and was able to provide a soothing custom recording for him to listen to at bedtime.  He has since had his bed moved back into his room and sleeps peacefully through the night.  The difference in his perception of his fears was noticeable almost instantly and has filtered into his everyday life with improved self-confidence and a better awareness of his surroundings including the people around him. It has been amazing to witness.



We’re very grateful for the amazing work you do Michelle!

Michelle has had a profoundly positive impact on my 10-year-old son. Despite having lots of friends and appearing to be very liked by all, on the inside he was feeling miserable, lonely and sad. He was also feeling completely overwhelmed in the classroom and as a result was struggling to complete all his class work, and continually getting kept in at recess and lunch to finish his work. After 2 sessions with Michelle (which my son thoroughly enjoyed!), we have our very happy, confident boy back. There is no longer any negative self-talk, and he no longer gets overwhelmed or procrastinates about getting his work done. Life is as it should be for a 10-year-old boy, FUN!

We can’t thank Michelle and her transformational work enough.



I was lucky enough to meet Michelle personally as a result of an unrelated event and was drawn to her open and caring nature. It was an easy decision to trust her with some very personal traumas I had been having trouble resolving, despite attempting several different avenues, with no success.

I was apprehensive prior to the session, I have opened up before with disappointing results, but Michelle has an innate ability to make you feel very comfortable and relaxed. She was able to get way deeper into my issues than I had ever examined. It was surprising.

The effect was immediate, and hugely positive. I feel a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I have been able to park my grief, while never forgetting. I believe I can deal with other issues calmly and maturely. The fact that this was achieved with only one session, backed up by a recording I can access when I need to, is fantastic no ongoing appointments, no gradual results, this was instant and a game changer for me. I have already recommended Michelle to friends and will continue to do so. I was not a fan of counselling, I was cynical, this was my last-ditch effort. Happily, Transformational Therapy really worked for me.



This work with you in Hypnotherapy has changed everything.  I can’t thank you enough.  I feel like a different person in a really good way.  This is the best money I have ever spent on myself.



Our 14-year-old daughter has been struggling with low level OCD and Anxiety for some time. We have tried various therapies to assist, but they made very little difference. It is difficult as a parent to watch what was once a carefree young girl worry and angst over every little thing. Although my daughter was apprehensive about trying Transformational Therapy, Michelle soon made her feel at ease, and they worked together beautifully. She is only halfway through her recording, but we are seeing terrific results already. My daughter is feeling a lot lighter and easy going and far less stressed. We look forward to seeing her continued progress! We would absolutely recommend Michelle and the work she does in a heartbeat!



I highly recommend working with Michelle. She has the skill to help you identify what limiting beliefs are holding you back from the life you dream of, and the simple process of Hypnotherapy can easily change them. If you are trying to overcome your negative patterns and it feels like you are stuck, call Michelle today and start creating the life you want, one filled with love, health, happiness and success. I did and everyday I am finding things are easier to get done and the fear and anxiety are less and less.

Thanks as always!