Michelle Fuehrer

Who Am I?

Hi there,

I am passionate about the work I do with individuals, parents and families worldwide who approach me for hypnotherapy and coaching.

For over 20 years, I have studied human behaviour and the spirit of human potential. What’s most enlightening has been to discover how our mindset can set us off on a trajectory of success and at other times failure, largely because of how we think about ourselves, our place within family and society.

I have qualified in many different modalities on a mission to help you heal. My combined methods hold a unique and powerful way to release the past of childhood wounding and hurts. I work particularly with adults and children who have been affected by painful and traumatic events from their past. We can be made whole again.

I see you where you are, hold no judgment towards what you are struggling with. Humans are messy and complex beings, but we have a deep yearning to fit in, belong, connect and love others.

Healthy minds, living with true purpose and healthy family relationships are my passions. Communication is my superpower interwoven with values of trust and integrity. My logo symbolises a healthy mind and a happy heart and that’s what I want for you.